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How to immigrate to Canada

Where to start? Do you qualify? Do you  need help? Who can represent you?

Processing times

They are long. Find out how long and what to do to avoid more delays

Temporary Canada immigrant applications

You can work, study or simply visit Canada – but do you know what to do? You want to invite your friend or relative?

Family sponsorship in Canada

You want to sponsor your parents? Your wife? Your sister? Find out if you can and if you can, what to do.

Selection criteria for immigration to Canada

Rules, points, money, health, security, forms, tips, and more

Where to apply for immigration to Canada?

Depending on the type of application and where you live - find out where to file and do it right

Regulation of immigration consultants

What is regulation? Why is it important?

Working in Canada

Canada needs workers. You want to work in Canada. Sounds simple but it's not. Why?

Service Canada (HRSDC)

Is important part of the immigration process - both temporary and permanent. Learn what role it plays in immigration to Canada.

Studying in Canada

What program to chose? Where to go? Can you work while studying? Do you know your options?

Regulated Occupations

Is your occupation regulated in Canada? Do you need a license to work in Canada?

Live-in Caregiver program in Canada

Being a nanny or caregiver for elderly may be the way for you to come to Canada. Do you qualify? What do you need to do?

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