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Assessment forms

If you want us to assess your qualifications and chances for a successful immigration to Canada , please fill out one of our assessment forms.

For your convenience, we offer the following formats:

Free On-line assessment form

Paid assessment forms

Fillable PDF assessment form – if you use this form, keep in mind that you will not be able to save the filled out form on your computer unless you have full version of Adobe Acrobat or similar software. You will have to print out your form and then either fax it to us or scan and email it back.

Self-executable assessment form – you can download this form and open it by double-clicking on it. You will be able to save the form, make changes, and email it back to us. It is safe and if you are asked by your antivirus program whether you trust this document, you can answer yes. Please note that when you save your filled out form, it will be saved in two formats – as self-executable file and in html format. When you email the form, make sure that you attach the self-executable file, not the html file.

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